Fairy Inspired Floral Arrangement

Every month I switch out the decor in our entry way. This month I thought it would be fun to do a whimsical fairy inspired theme.

To create this magical floral arrangement, I put a handful of silk flowers in a mason jar. The little paper doll, bottle and teacup are from Rita Barakat Magical Theater. Simply assemble them and adhere to paper straws. Poke them into the arrangement to complete it.

This would be adorable as a center piece or a tea party too!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Portable Activity Center

With Summer in full swing you might be taking a vacation or a road trip. If you have little ones those can be boring for them. Today I want to show you an idea you can create that will not only keep your little ones busy on the road, but also stretch your creative muscle!

Busy Box

To create a busy box all you need is an old chocolate box and Rita Barakat’s Magical Theater Book! Simply gesso the box and adhere the scene to the top. This will serve as a place for the play to happen.

I added Glitterific to the edges to make it special!

To create the pieces for the play, pick two or three paper dolls. Assemble them on paper straws.

I added a little glitter to each of the dolls.

Fill the box with different things that compliment the play set.

The box is ready for play! The cool thing is you can not only play with it, but store everything in it.

I would love to know where you are traveling this summer? What was your favorite vacation? What is a place you would like to visit?

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Altered Coffee Can

I rarely have a coffee can because I don’t make my own coffee. I buy it at a local coffee shop. It is a small luxury in life allow myself. You can imagine that when I finally did have one I had to alter it and put it in my craft room! I originally thought it would be a pretty spring center piece made up of flowers I create with Rinea Foiled Paper and felt! In the center there would be a cute little fairy popping by to say hello!

Rita Barakat has one of my favorite books for creatives. It is a digital download — Magical Theater. The background in which I wrapped the can with is the background coloring sheet.


The little fairy is also from the book! I used the little face she created and used colored pencils to bring her to life.

Wrapped Can

For the coffee can I used the new Eileen Hull Color Blends 2 to color the flowers. Tutu pink and Frog were the perfect shades! Using a paint brush I carefully painted on the flowers edge transfer gel, allowed to dry and foiled with rose gold.

It never did turn into a spring floral arrangement. Instead it homes my stickles The fairy is waiting to adorn a project in the near future.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Magical Theater Presents the Love Princess

Magical Theater, by Rita Barakat, is the base for creating the Love Princess. It is a downloadable book full of whimsy and magic. This is a wonderful art resource to have on your hard drive. Not only are there tips and directions on creating your own paper dolls, there are also a few scenes completed. For this project I used things created in the book and added the finishing touches.

The base is a piece of cardboard from a package I received in the mail. Mod Podge was used to seal and attach the scene to the cardboard. For the princess I used a foam board as her base to give her structure and dimension.

The finishing touches on the piece were a mix of glitter glue, Nuvo Dew Drops and gems from the dollar store.

I used Glitter Mod Podge for the Princess because she needs to shine! Bits of extra trim from my stash was used along the edges.

It is okay to borrow other people’s creativity to spark your own. Or, perhaps like me you want to create something from the heart, but are limited on time. The Magical Theater is a great resource to have!

Here is another piece I created using it.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!