2018/19 Back to School Layouts with a Sketch!

IMG_3079I know….I know….it is almost the first of a new year and I am just now getting around to documenting my kids first day of school. What can I say? The first day of school this year was hard for me. I have my oldest graduating high school! I left my teaching career to stay home with him and never went back to it. I have enjoyed every single minute I have had with my children. Knowing that my oldest is a senior and towers over me (he is 6’6) has me in emotional turmoil. Needless to say, creating this year’s Back to School layout was hard.

I first came up with the above sketch that I used differently on each layout. Starting with my youngest’s page:


I have had this paper in my stash for over a decade. It was nice to finally have a reason to use it! Granted it feels like I just picked it out at my LSS (that shut down over 8 years ago) yesterday. Yes, I still remember when I bought the paper! That kiddo in the picture was with me in a stroller the day I got it. He was antsy and kept arching his little back letting out angry grunts to let me know his displeasure. Now he is in junior high….oh how time flies!


For my daughter’s junior year layout I simply moved the picture over to the center and added a ruler I found in a pack of four at the Dollar store. She is in honors classes and transferred to a new school this year because the one she was going to did not have enough class selections for her.


I stayed fairly true to the sketch for my senior. The gears are actually buttons I found at Joann’s and I love them. I am so proud of this kid! It was bittersweet as I put this in his school scrapbook — the last page! I remember completing his Kindergarten layout and wondering how on earth I was ever going to fill it up. Would I forget? I used to worry that I would, but I never did. I am so glad I took the time to document each and every year. This will not only serve as a keepsake, but will be pulled out at his Graduation party and probably at his wife’s baby shower when they are having their first son. In the mean time I have looked through that album more in the last month than in the last 12 years.

Just remember that the days are long and the years are short. You may be going through sleepless nights and temper tantrums with your littles. Or perhaps you had your kids close together like I did and you are just trying to get through the day with no one getting hurt. I know it is hard and you may be longing for the time when they are grown and all the fun things you can do again. These days are priceless and you will never ever get them back. Try to enjoy every stage because it will be over before you know it.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Fairy Tale Mixed Media Page with Rita Barakat and Art Anthology Hop!

The Rita Barakat and Art Anthology designers have teamed up to bring you an amazing blog hop! All you have to do is jump in, be inspired, and leave a comment to be entered into a fabulous giveaway! I do have a personal request too! I recently started this website because my old blog was not keeping up with what I wanted to provide my readers. I would love it if you would click that “follow” button. It lets the Google Gods know that I am here and helps get it out in cyber space. Plus, I want to have good content and be of value and inspiration to other crafters.

For this hop I created a spread in my art journal! IMG_2698YT

I used the limited edition Rita Barakat Fairy Tale die cuts, paint and stencil from Art Anthology to create this page. I wanted the spread to be cohesive, yet seperate. I did not intend for it to be a “Ying and Yang” type page, but it totally did! We have the timid desperate for attention Little Red Riding Hood on one side:


And the ever so confidant and sassy Jasmine on the other:

IMG_2688I uploaded a video on how I created this page. Watch it come to life here. You will learn a few new tricks on working in an art journal and a sneaky peaky into the one I am currently obsessed with and adding to weekly.

Now, it’s time to get hopping! Make sure you leave a comment first and hop on to the next designer: https://youtu.be/AsewQo-8cSU

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Back To School Layouts

I have kept a school album for each of my children from preschool through high school. Well, they still are in school, but it will go through high school. When they were little it was so much fun and easy to find cute back to school paper crafting goodies. As they have gotten older it has become challenging to find anything back to school that is mature like them, yet reflective of who they are and what they are becoming. So, I have ventured outside of the typical back to school supplies and used other things for the layouts.

Parker is going into the 6th grade. He needed something cool, but still kid friendly. I opted for stars in different textures in which I die cut out in various shapes and used as a border. I added a few bottle cap sequins from Brutus Monroe to finish it off. 

 Annie is entering 10th grade. I decided to use an inspirational kit from Brutus Monroe because she is changing from an impressionable child to a confidant young adult. It reminds me of a transformation that a butterfly undergoes. I love the layering butterfly die!

Logan is entering 11th grade! I decided to use a library back ground stamp and a traditional school style stamp set by Brutus Monroe to create his page. I added a small basketball because that is his life! 
This is the first year I did not use the same sketch and product line for each kiddo. They each turned out great and I hope the kids will cherish them when they receive their albums. 
Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!