Enchanted Rose Coaster

I am going through this phase right now that includes dominoes, Brutus Monroe Surface Inks and background stamps. No Joke! It is hard to find a universal ink that does everything and can be used on anything. Add to that a big beautiful image and being able to use it all on an everyday item…or at least something that most homes have in a new way makes me a happy crafter! I created this:

It’s a coaster. A totally usable functional beautiful coaster. I’ m over on the Brutus Monroe Blog today in which I show you how to create this step by step. Check it out here: Brutus Monroe. I am even enabling because you can visit the store and pick up the stamp and inks. Sorry….not really….but don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 For realz though! Head over and check it out! This is one of the coolest things I have come up with in my wee little brain in a long time.

Until Next Time ~ Happy Crafting!

Enchanted Rose

I’m giddy with excitement and I just can’t stand it! Brutus Monroe is releasing a slew of new fun stamps and I got to play with a few of them! I created this card with three of them!

Doesn’t  it look like it would take forever to make because of the background? It actually is pretty quick because it is a background stamp! Head over to the Brutus Monroe Blog and see how to make it!

Until Next Time ~ Happy Crafting!