Magical Beads!

Have you seen the Paper Bead YouTube videos? I must confess that when I first saw them I was kinda confused. Like, why would I make paper beads? Its not like I can wear them or use them anywhere that I could get wet. That was all before it dawned on me that I could seal them with embossing powder!

Not just any embossing powder though. Only Rita Barakat’s embossing powder would do because I could mix colors! Once I started creating I could not stop. Not only were the results gorgeous, the process was easy! It really is hard to put into words how to do this, so I created a video for you here:

Here are a few close ups of the beads made in the video:

I can not wait to create a charm for my planner with these! That is next month 😉

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Sharing Some Love

One of my favorite things to do is share other artists, crafters and designers. Usually I do this on Instagram and Facebook. This year one of my goals is to share more of what other creators are doing on my blog! My hope is to bring you new content and inspiration and help them grow. I thought there was nothing better on Valentine’s Day than to share some of their favorite projects for this Hallmark holiday. Please click through and check out all these incredible creators! Follow and sub to their channels. We would not be able to do what we do if it were not for you! So thank you for reading, watching, commenting, and subscribing. It really is appreciated!


Marie is a talented designer with Canvas Corp Brands and Brutus Monroe. She is a stay at home mama to two of the most adorable munchkins! Her project is a fabulous treat bag!


Margie is one of the most helpful kindest ladies around! I admire how she always finds new and inventive ways to use stuff in her art! Check out this clever layout she created!


Linda is the queen of junk journals! She recently has started her very own subscription box that is top notch. She is extremely helpful, is a wonderful teacher and has a great personality. I am honored to call her my friend too 🙂 Look at this gorgeous journal she created.

Monica – Vicki

Monica is a fantastic designer that has been at it for several years. Her favorite Valentine’s project are a set of cards.


Jessica created a super cute card with SVG files! Isn’t this fun? Such a creative lady!


Cathy is another fellow Canvas Corp crew member. She shares a gorgeous mixed media canvas.


Donna created a bright Valentine’s card! I love bright! Anyone else? This card reminds me of the conversation candies and balloons.


Alexandra Stapleton is the owner and founder of The Hedgehog Hollow in which she showcases how to use products, tutorials and supports small businesses through her monthly kits (love that!). Plus, she is just fun to listen too 😉 You have got to check out her pick!


Cathy created a lovely mixed media piece that has a rustic vintage feel to it. Check it out here.


Martha is a phenomenal artist! She creates the most incredible cards and projects with beautiful posts full of detail and lovely photos to showcase them. If you are not following her you really need too! She also is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She had a hard time choosing which one was her favorite posts so I had to help her out and choose this one for her.


Angie is a new friend! I met her at Creativation 2019 and automatically started to adore her. Her art is pure perfection! The card she created and is sharing is so pretty.


Sanna blew me away with her favorite Valentine’s Day project. This card is simply epic and her step out tutorial is awesome!



Joanne created a gorgeous and FAST card on her channel. Look at that shine! What a creative crafter!


Nadine is another friend of mine in real life. She has a great channel and teaches many different techniques. She could not decide between two projects. I choose this one because it is an ATC and we are a bit heavy on the cards here 😉


Amy is sharing a beautiful wood burned project! I am speechless! She creates lovely art and has a great blog!

Lynn Lilly

Lynn Lilly is the founder and creator of the Craft Box Girls. Her style is on trend and adorbs! I love watching her live shows on Facebook and her instastories. Her upbeat personality is wonderful to be around too! She is sharing this cute DIY unicorn card!


Last, but certainly not least, is Karen. I can not say enough wonderful things about this woman! She creates beautiful mixed media pieces and great videos. Her pick is this stunner:

I hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did creating it. The talent in this group is amazing. I am so honored they allowed me to share their favorite Valentine’s Day projects.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting

How to Use a Face Stencil on a Plate

Rita Barakat has a clever line of stencils to help people draw faces. The first thing I wanted to do when I got my hands on her face stencils was to put it on a plate! These stencils are unique in that they lay the base, but the artist really shines through by adding in the details, focus and colors according to personal style. My passion is hair.

I have created numerous journal pages with these stencils. Finally, I was able to get one on a plate!


Gather material making sure to choose paint colors.

This plate had a perfect 6 by 6 square in the center that held the stencil.

Trace the image with sharp pointed object. A pencil works, but the color will transfer, so do so with caution.

Paint the image according to your desire. Make sure to do at least two coats per area!

Once the paint has dried, place the stencil back on the image and trace again.

Connect all the lines on the face.

Start to add the details.

Working with pottery paint is forgiving. Do not worry if you paint something and it does not turn out. I had to replace her mouth three times.

Use puffy paint for details.

Create eyelashes and eyebrows by laying a thick layer of puffy paint, allowing it to dry and going back in with a needle to remove hair like spots.

Once the face is to your liking, have it fired and glazed.

I really like crazy hair and spent a lot of time adding color and texture to her mane.

Rita Barakat stencils can be used on so much more than paper. Think outside of the box. You never know where your creativity will take you!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!