Expo Blog Hop!

Two fabulous blog hops in one week?!?!?! Say what?!?!?! Yep! This has been such a fun week for me. I love partcipating and seeing other artist’ blogs! Today’s blog hop is brought to you by gorgeous trim by Expo based out of Canada! Oh my goodness you guys! I just wanted to hoard this trim. It is so very pretty!

Before we get to the trim, first check out the canvas I made to use as the focal point:

 The corners needed to be addressed. Or should I say “dressed” and that is just what I did!

I used fabric glue to adhere each row of trim to the canvas. It turned out just darling and perfect for my purple wall in my craft room! I am going to alter an apron next with the trim.
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Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!  

Chalkology 101 — Layering an Image

I recently have started creating chalkboards. I love it because I can change out the focal point as much or as little as I like. I use chalk paste and a transfer to create the the board. I purchase them here. I have purchased a few of the chalkboards through Chalk Couture that are lovely and high quality. However, I am quite happy with the boards I find at Hobby Lobby and Micheals. To ship a board from Chalk Couture is pricey! I use my 40% off coupon from one of the craft store and save a ton of money. I only recommend the transfers and chalk paste from Chalk Couture . The chalk paste is unique in that it does not just rub off like traditional chalk. A little water and a sponge easily removes it, but it is there until the creator wants it off! I have created a tutorial playlist on youtube called Chalkology 101 . Go check it out if interested in this form of art.

Today I wanted to share with you how to layer an image. Before removing the transfer from the backing it is important that you mark it. You want your transfer to be stored on the glossy side because you can get at least 20 uses out of it. I take a sharpie and do this:

 The next step is to fuzz the transfer. It is extremely sticky and will be hard if not impossible to remove from your board if you do not add some lint to it. I just do this on my clothing. Usually my shirt, but this time my sweats.

 Once the transfer is fuzzed apply it to the board and smooth out the air bubbles.

 Once the transfer is laid, open up the paste making sure not to discard the protective covering. Stir the paste carefully.

 With the craft stick quickly lay the paste out over the image.

 Using a squeegee spread the paste with firm even preassure (the transfer is a screen print).

 Once the transfer is covered lift it by pulling it from two corners NOT on opposite ends of each other. If you pull just by one corner you will stretch the transfer.

 Once the transfer is lifted, place it in a shallow pan of water or rinse it under water. The chalk is fast drying and needs to be rinsed or soaked right away. I like to just wash mine with warm water and place sticky side up in my drying rack. Give the chalk paste in the container a spray of water. Seal it with the protective cover and the lid. By doing so you will keep your paste moist and it won’t dry out.

 Let the chalk dry and then layer on the next transfer.

I like to use a darker color as I add my next layer.

 Add another layer on a different part of the image. This allows the layers to dry by working back and forth on the image.

 Once the image is done I add the sentiment and hang it on the wall.

Once the transfers are dry just place them on their backing and store for use at a later time. Make sure you check out the playlist I posted above to see chalking in action! It really is easy and fast. The results are impressive. My 13 year old usually does the majority of chalking in my home. 
Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!