How to Create a Galaxy Background

Have you seen the latest thing in arts and crafts? It is all about galaxy art! I have always wondered how these were done and thought they must be hard to create. I am happy to share creating a galaxy background is easy to do with Color Burst Galaxy collection by Ken Oliver. Rita Barakat has a line of die cuts that paired perfectly with a galaxy theme. They are truly out of this world!

Please hop along with the Rita Barakat designers to see what they did with Colorburst! The list is at the end of the post!

How to Create a Galaxy Background

Here is a tutorial on how to create a galaxy background. You are going to be amazed how easy it is! Check it out here:

I added a little glitter glue to make her sparkle, used pop dots to adhere her to the card and stamped my sentiment. Do you like it?


Hop List

Rita Barakat h

Betz Golden

Michelle Renee Wells

Yolie Burke

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Renwick Gallery

On the South side of the White House across the street is the most amazing art gallery featuring interactive and mixed media pieces. A lot of what is on display is just passing through, so what I saw there may be different than what you will see there. Regardless, it is spectacular!

The Burning Man was showcased in the gallery the day we visited. It was spectacular! As we entered the gallery we decided to start from the top floor and work our way downstairs. The first thing that caught our attention was amazing mushrooms that opened when you stood under them complete with beautiful lights.

 The next room was my son’s favorite of all. It was full of pillows that one lounged on and watched a digital light show above.

 He was mesmerized by it!

 The beauty of the gallery was not only the fabulous art, but also the presentation of it. One room lead to another and was part of the work. Every angle, shadow and light was considered not only in reference of the piece it was part of, but also the art around it.

 The play on lights through out the gallery was genius! In one room perfectly constructed metal pieces with delicate cuts used light to create a masterpiece.

 There was an entire room made up of intricate wood carvings. The walls and ceiling were part of it. Visitors were encouraged to write on the carvings and leave notes. 

Another room housed a  chalkboard wall encouraging visitors to write out their wish.

 Another  room featured  sculptures that were created with everyday objects. This dragon had a lot of kitchenware as his body.

 The costumes were magnificent and so creative.

 The artist of this sculpture did a wonderful job capturing the woman’s body in wire.

 My daughter was captivated with this piece. She actually got the best picture because she laid down on the floor to take it. No one in the gallery even gave her a second glance. Creative minds are welcome here!

 The final piece was a real stunner! It was made up of cardboard and had so many peep holes to look through. Here is just a sampling of this amazing piece a long with the peep holes.

Renwick Gallery is diffidently worth a day. I was only able to spend a few hours there, but hope to go back in the future.
Until next time ~ Happy Travels!

A Few of My Favorite Creator Friends Blog Posts from 2018

Usually at the end of a year we go back and reflect on what has transpired over the course of the year. A lot of bloggers will do a roundup of their favorite posts they have published. I have decided to do something a little different. A few of my creator friends have sent me their favorite blog and/or YouTube posts. I want to share those instead of my own. We live in a world in which we get so caught up in doing our own thing that we often miss the awesome stuff others are doing. There is so much creative talent in the art world and a lot of artists go undiscovered. Here are a few of my favorite creator friends blog posts from 2018.

2018 Creator Post Round Up!

Bright Mixed Media Canvas

Pam Bray has created an exquisite canvas with lovely texture and color. Lots of color (which is my favorite!). She used a variety of mediums to achieve her masterpiece from July 2018.

Alcohol Ink

Kristie Taylor is an incredible mixed media artists. These resin pendants is her favorite pick and I adore them. She showcases another way to use alcohol ink outside of paper crafting.

Easter Ornament

Margie’s innovated way to use decorative tape is spectacular! How many of us have loads of decorative tape and can’t seem to burn through it? Anything to help me use it up is a good thing. I really like that she took it out of paper crafting and created a gorgeous ornament. This is not a typical ornament for Christmas – but Easter! Everything about this project is unique.

Junk Journal

Linda Israel picked this amazing rainbow junk journal as her favorite creation for 2018. If you are not familiar with Linda, she is a well known and most talented junk journal artist. She recently started curating a subscription box with all of her favorite things to create junk journals.

Colorful Bowls

Iris Rod is a fellow Canvas Corp Brand Crew Member (Designer). She created these lovely bowls with vivid colors using ink. She gives great tips on how to use ink on clay to create stunning pieces.

Mood Board Inspired

Amy Martin Jones created this dramatic piece from a mood board. Though it has no color the contrast and texture on this piece makes it a real show stopper.


Found Objects

I swooned a little when I saw what Sanna Lippert submitted for her favorite blog post of 2018. The playing cards paired with the pop tabs is perfection. This is truly a wonderful example of using found objects in art.

Welcome Wreath

Lynn Lilly of Craft Box Girls made this incredible wreath! Lynn is known for easy to follow directions. I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn in New York. Her positive outlook is infectious and a joy to be around. I love her on trend fun projects she shares and look forward to her Tuesday shows on Facebook.

Painted Journal

Josefine created this journal with several different paints. The profile is stunning on the black background. She created a wonderful tutorial to create a similar piece.

Boys Will Be Boys

Sandi Clarkson created this gorgeous mixed media canvas. She altered chipboard pieces and used a heart substrate to showcase the perfect boy photo.

Steampunk Box

Linda Simpson created a steampunk box featuring perfectly paired medal pieces. The stars and small heart with wings is a great contrast of shapes.

CCB Junk Journal

Elizabeth Robinson made this amazing junk journal. The mason jar on the front really sets it a part from all the rest. The mixture of textures is beautiful!

Altered Board

Bea Grob created a colorful coffee sign. She up cycled a board to make it. Re purposing or up cycling items is a wonderful way to stretch your creativity.

Pink Teal and Gray!

Katie Lamb created this cheerful page with one of my favorite sayings. She was challenged to create something using pink, teal and gray. The color on this along with the whimsical feel is just perfect.

Card Set

Julie created 5.5 by 5.5 cards for Christmas that are lovely. In the video she walks you through how to create similar cards.

Meaningful Canvas

I have included my favorite post from 2018 — Have Faith (Dealing with Junk) . This is my favorite post because of the meaning of it. I make myself vulnerable and raw in the post.

I hope you enjoyed seeing other artist’s projects and found inspiration. Make sure to click through to the post and poke around a little. You may find your new favorite blogger or You Tuber.

Who is your favorite artist? Please let me know in the comments. What was your favorite project shared today? Let me know in the comments and tell me why.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Fairy Tale Mixed Media Page with Rita Barakat and Art Anthology Hop!

The Rita Barakat and Art Anthology designers have teamed up to bring you an amazing blog hop! All you have to do is jump in, be inspired, and leave a comment to be entered into a fabulous giveaway! I do have a personal request too! I recently started this website because my old blog was not keeping up with what I wanted to provide my readers. I would love it if you would click that “follow” button. It lets the Google Gods know that I am here and helps get it out in cyber space. Plus, I want to have good content and be of value and inspiration to other crafters.

For this hop I created a spread in my art journal! IMG_2698YT

I used the limited edition Rita Barakat Fairy Tale die cuts, paint and stencil from Art Anthology to create this page. I wanted the spread to be cohesive, yet seperate. I did not intend for it to be a “Ying and Yang” type page, but it totally did! We have the timid desperate for attention Little Red Riding Hood on one side:


And the ever so confidant and sassy Jasmine on the other:

IMG_2688I uploaded a video on how I created this page. Watch it come to life here. You will learn a few new tricks on working in an art journal and a sneaky peaky into the one I am currently obsessed with and adding to weekly.

Now, it’s time to get hopping! Make sure you leave a comment first and hop on to the next designer:

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Chalkology 101 — Layering an Image

I recently have started creating chalkboards. I love it because I can change out the focal point as much or as little as I like. I use chalk paste and a transfer to create the the board. I purchase them here. I have purchased a few of the chalkboards through Chalk Couture that are lovely and high quality. However, I am quite happy with the boards I find at Hobby Lobby and Micheals. To ship a board from Chalk Couture is pricey! I use my 40% off coupon from one of the craft store and save a ton of money. I only recommend the transfers and chalk paste from Chalk Couture . The chalk paste is unique in that it does not just rub off like traditional chalk. A little water and a sponge easily removes it, but it is there until the creator wants it off! I have created a tutorial playlist on youtube called Chalkology 101 . Go check it out if interested in this form of art.

Today I wanted to share with you how to layer an image. Before removing the transfer from the backing it is important that you mark it. You want your transfer to be stored on the glossy side because you can get at least 20 uses out of it. I take a sharpie and do this:

 The next step is to fuzz the transfer. It is extremely sticky and will be hard if not impossible to remove from your board if you do not add some lint to it. I just do this on my clothing. Usually my shirt, but this time my sweats.

 Once the transfer is fuzzed apply it to the board and smooth out the air bubbles.

 Once the transfer is laid, open up the paste making sure not to discard the protective covering. Stir the paste carefully.

 With the craft stick quickly lay the paste out over the image.

 Using a squeegee spread the paste with firm even preassure (the transfer is a screen print).

 Once the transfer is covered lift it by pulling it from two corners NOT on opposite ends of each other. If you pull just by one corner you will stretch the transfer.

 Once the transfer is lifted, place it in a shallow pan of water or rinse it under water. The chalk is fast drying and needs to be rinsed or soaked right away. I like to just wash mine with warm water and place sticky side up in my drying rack. Give the chalk paste in the container a spray of water. Seal it with the protective cover and the lid. By doing so you will keep your paste moist and it won’t dry out.

 Let the chalk dry and then layer on the next transfer.

I like to use a darker color as I add my next layer.

 Add another layer on a different part of the image. This allows the layers to dry by working back and forth on the image.

 Once the image is done I add the sentiment and hang it on the wall.

Once the transfers are dry just place them on their backing and store for use at a later time. Make sure you check out the playlist I posted above to see chalking in action! It really is easy and fast. The results are impressive. My 13 year old usually does the majority of chalking in my home. 
Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!