Crawling Through Georgetown

Why title a blog “Crawling Through Georgetown”? After spending a week in a half in Washington DC visiting all the national hot spots and filling our brains with history, we needed a day to just chill out. Georgetown provided us with that day. Well, it provided my daughter and I the day we needed. The boys came with us and left for the zoo about an hour into it.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Food Crawl

Georgetown proved to be a great place for an epic food crawl! We started of with a stop at a cute little tea house.

We found a great little American bakery that my daughter got a sweet treat to go with her tea.

Just around the corner the most marvelous French Bakery I have ever gone to in the United States. It specialized in macaroons!

After a 10 minute walk we found Sprinkles and indulged. Sprinkles is a famous Cupcake shop made popular by the show “Cupcake Wars”. It has a large variety of cupcakes including gluten free and dog ones.

Georgetown Shops

The shops of Georgetown are charming. They are in historical buildings and keep the integrity of the history in the area.

High end chain stores make up a good portion of the town’s shopping district. However, they stay true to the area more so than the chain they are representing.

Georgetown provided to be the perfect relaxing day we needed after learning so much about history.

Please visit here to see more of traveling in Washington DC.

Until next time ~ Happy Travels!

2 thoughts on “Crawling Through Georgetown

  1. Betz, have enjoyed following your trip through Washington DC. I truly believe every American should tour there for the rich history, but that’s an old American History teacher’s dream. Did you get to the new museum of the Bible? I have heard it is phenomenal and a big reason I want to visit DC again this year. Many Blessings for your you and your family..


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