Leftover Dreams

When you purchase a kit or product line, do you have to use it up entirely to be satisfied? I have to get the most out of my subscription kits to feel as though I got my money’s worth. With the left over December Dreams kit I created three cards. Transparencies can stump me. I run out of ideas on what to do with them. Naturally, the gorgeous key transparency that came in the kit was a left over.  I also had the library card and pocket left over that I thought would make a great gift card holder or a stand alone on a card.

Here are the cards I created and my favorite details of each:

The Nutcracker die cut was my favorite. I was shocked I did not use him, but then it dawned on me that I was hoarding him. The Sugar Plum Fairy and him make the perfect pair. The little green paperclip pom pom was so fluffy! It is the perfect touch to the library card and pocket.

I was pretty much able to knock out the kit with these cards. The best part is they do not look like they were leftovers.

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

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