Expo Blog Hop!

Two fabulous blog hops in one week?!?!?! Say what?!?!?! Yep! This has been such a fun week for me. I love partcipating and seeing other artist’ blogs! Today’s blog hop is brought to you by gorgeous trim by Expo based out of Canada! Oh my goodness you guys! I just wanted to hoard this trim. It is so very pretty!

Before we get to the trim, first check out the canvas I made to use as the focal point:

 The corners needed to be addressed. Or should I say “dressed” and that is just what I did!

I used fabric glue to adhere each row of trim to the canvas. It turned out just darling and perfect for my purple wall in my craft room! I am going to alter an apron next with the trim.
And don’t forget to hop on to the next blog:
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Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!  

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