Make a Cape Drape

 Isn’t she fashionable in her cape and Wonder Woman pajama pants? This is not about those awesome PJs she has on, it is about the amazing cape! And check out the back! It is just about as cute as the front:

 The great thing about this cape is it works for many body shapes and sizes. Above is my 12 year old daughter and below is me — a curvy tall woman:

 I first discovered these capes over the 4th of July weekend with my Mother-in-law. We both were enthralled with them and walked away with a couple we found at a retailer. I have worn mine from time to time, but really have forgotten about it in the winter months (it is made out of a light jersey fabric). Then, my hair stylist stylist pulled out a fleece one she made and told me how easy it was to do. It required three cuts and no sewing. So I set out to make my own!

This is seriously the easiest and best DYI I have ever completed. It takes literally little creative talent, a few supplies and only 15 minutes (we timed it on the third one and if you have all your supplies ready to go it takes 7 minutes). You are going to need 1.67 yards of  fleece, yarn, scissors, (as you can tell I bought myself a pair just for this because I know just enough about sewing that you never use your paper scissors on fabric and vice versa), a pencil with a good eraser on it and either a fabric pencil or tailors chalk. I also had a fabric eraser on hand, but really did not need it to erase my marks I made.

 First you are going to fold your fleece into fourths making a square and smoothing out all the wrinkles like so:

 Tie one end of the yarn to your pencil close to the eraser:

 Measure the yarn out to the end of the fleece square cutting it about an inch shorter:

 Tie the other end of the yarn to your fabric pencil or tailor chalk:

 This is the most challenging part because you have to make your circle by holding the eraser with the yarn to the folded corner and using the other end as a compass of sort. Keep the fabric from bunching and you need to make sure you can see the semi circle you are drawing. I had my daughter hold the pencil in place as I pulled the other end taut and drew my semi circle. I had to go over some areas a few times:

 This is what you are left with:

 Do you see the line? Did it make a good semi circle? Good! Now take those scissors and cut on the line to get this:

 Before you open it mark the corner with your chalk so you know the center point. You can barely see my mark, but it is there:

 Open your semi circle up into a half circle making sure the folded side is facing you. It is time to measure out the arm holes (or head holes depending on how you wear it. No you don’t have multiple heads, but you do have options on where to put your arms and head, but we will get to that later). From your center spot measure over 8 inches. Now, flip the ruler and draw a 7 inch line (I know you totally want my heart ruler. It is awesome!):

 Repeat on the other side and cut so that it resembles this:

 Now, open that bad boy up and wear it with a belt (and Wonder Woman pants if you feel so inclined and are a cute tween like my daughter ;-P ):

 You can even throw it over your head for a hood. I imagined myself in a red cape as Little Red Riding Hood:

 Or you can just wear it loose:

 Try putting your head through one arm hole and one of your arms in another:

 Make another one in a different pattern:

 Find your favorite winter team and have at it:

 Make a scarf if you have extra fabric by cutting a long strip and fringing the edges:

 Make another one for those gals in your life and let them show you their favorite way to take it out on the town (or back to bed if wearing Wonder Woman pants….it does make a nice warm type wearable blanket).


Not only is this super easy and fast it is really CHEAP! I found all my fleece on sale and each cape cost me about $10 and 10 minutes of my time to make. These retail for $45 online and upwards of $100 in stores. This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe during the winter too! It economical enough to make several to wear with your outfits that will keep it interesting and chic 🙂

Until next time — HAPPY CRAFTING 😀

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