Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Do you like flowers? I love to made fabric flowers! My daughter got into duct tape purse making (truth be told I did too) and we would have lots of left over fabric from lining of the inside of it. As a Scrapper I can’t get rid of anything. I mean that would totally go against the code of SCRAPPING in which one should use SCRAPS. So, I started making flowers 🙂 Then companies like Close To My Heart started making fabric to match their paper and it has just been a down hill spiral for me since then. Here are a few of my flowers:

Card I made for a sweet friend. I wanted her to be a pink angel and must have just watched “Grease” because she had to have pink hair — just like a “Beauty School Drop Out!”

I am kind of into cupcakes and make flowers for my daughter’s birthday party.

A card for my best friend using flowers from my stash.

I have to show you a duct tape purse, right? Well here one is!

Another flower I made with scraps of fabric.

Happy Crafting!

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