Countefeit Kit LO #2

I actually have completed a total of 3, but I really do not like the third one I have done. So, I will share the one that is okay:

So, the strangest thing happened to me yesterday as I was scrapping. I am all caught up on my housework and literally had nothing else to do except enjoy time in my scrapping room. Well, after my second LO I was uninspired. I honestly did not want to do it anymore. It was only 5 in the afternoon and I had a good three hours left that I could do it. It was not like I did not have pictures or anything to scrap. I even have a few cards that need to be made, but I simply did not want to do it.

I hate to admit it, but this has been happening more and more lately. I decided that even though I had a ton of my counterfeit kit left I was going to break it down back into my stash because I did not want to use it anymore. That is strange. I don’t know what is going on with me, but I am starting to be okay with going inactive with CTMH and strictly living out of my stash. Then when all my PP is gone possibly just walking away from the hobby. WTH is wrong with me? I love pictures. I love art. I love documenting my life and my family, but I am wondering if I want to get more into writing and ditching the artsy part to it.

No worries. This feeling will not last long…I hope….or maybe I am getting ready to give it up?

Can’t be ready to give it up….


can I?

5 thoughts on “Countefeit Kit LO #2

  1. Don't walk away to quick.You could just be hormonal or in a creative slump. You don't want to give away your supplies and then later learn that you really want to create. Its ok to let other things in life take the front lines for awhile. This is a hobby and is supposed to be fun … if you aren't enjoying it then just walk away, but keep your supplies in case you change your mind. I think everybody needs a breather from it at some point – some longer than others – but thats ok, just do what ever feels right to you.


  2. Geri definitely hit the nail on the head! Though, there's nothing wrong with letting it go either. If it isn't in your heart anymore then it isn't in your heart anymore. But definitely keep your stuff until you're absolutely sure…… and then let all your friends have first dibs at buying it all from you!!! 😉


  3. that was sacrilege…totally sacrilege. ;)I agree with Geri…hang onto your supplies for awhile. I have gone through slumps with this hobby too.


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