Making Fabric Flowers

This morning my friend, Tara, enabled a group of us with the following link:

I had to get out and try it at once, so I stopped by a little Quilting store (that I had never been in) and found all of this lovely fabric:

Now, what to do for the sticky circle? I had purchased a double sided adhesive sheet from Oriental trade awhile back (I got the idea from a kit club I belonged and used to design for a few years ago. I had this much left:

I used my circle cutter to make a circle like the one in the tutorial video:

This is my first attempt:

I then attached it to my prayer journal and added two leaves:

The center is a “Prima Center” that I had in my stash. The pocket is actually off of my daughter’s old jeans. I have been needing a new prayer journal. I wanted one that could hold my pencils in, so I cam up with the above. I even bought matching pencils. Cute huh?

Thanks for looking! 😀

6 thoughts on “Making Fabric Flowers

  1. What a great flower, especially for a first attempt, I would have never none!!! Love you prayer journal, especially the pocket idea, gonna have to come up with one myself to teach the ladies how to made at our church scrap group!!!


  2. Great flower. Try doing the same thing with ribbon too. Works awesome with ribbon with small polka dots on and you end up with a smaller flower.


  3. This LOOKS awesome…and seeeee I knew we could do that Gluber thing outselves! That's exactly the stuff I was thinking of if my xyron wouldn't work!!! COOL!


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