Five LO that Finished Off 2010!

My intention when I went into my scrappy space yesterday was not to finish off my 2010….but I am sure glad I did! I actually wanted to play with the new Valentine’s Day line from CTMH that I had bought. However, once I started putting a few completed LOs I had lying around in the album I realized how close 2010 was to being done. So I created these five LOs to finish it off.

For the last two years I have been scrapping chronologically and putting my album together month by month. Though I like the organization of the albums that way, it really is starting to affect my creative mojo. So, for 2011 I am going to just scrap what I feel like and focus more on the stories behind the photos. I am also going to walk away from my beloved D Ring Binder type albums and go back to the poster bound. The test of time has held up with the poster bound album (especially my CTMH ones) better than the D Ring. I love the connivance of the D Ring, but I have always been less impressed with what it looks like. I want to get back to the story telling of scrapbooking. Maybe scrap less pages, but with more depth. KWIM?

3 thoughts on “Five LO that Finished Off 2010!

  1. Betsie, great pages, love how you decorated your title in Big Ten. I too love the post bound albums, just like the total finished effect when they are all put together and I take out the posts and replace with “snap loads” from Pioneer, makes them much easier to use and expand.


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