Starting A New Album

First, I must apologize for my crappy uploads recently. As you may know, my nice little point and shot died on me and I am using the big professional grade camera that we have. Well, not recently…recently I have been using my camera on my Droid Incredible. Can we say the photos of the LOs are less than incredible? Ummmm….yes we can! The color on these are horrible and I am sorry. The camera on the phone itself is actually not half bad, but for LOs it get two thumbs down!
I ran across over 2000 photos last night from my birth on. I started scrapping when I got married and decided at the time not to even try to attempt to scrap anything from before 1998. Well, I had a recent health scare that we are still trying to work through and I have decided that it may be best if I do scrap my history and those photos. Do I think I am gonna get them all scrapped? Not a chance! But, I can at least start to get some of them done. Some is better than nothing right?
This album is different than any other album I have done in that I am not scrapping in any particular order or making order in my book. One page may be from 1991 and the next from 1975. This helps take the pressure off of me and allow me to concentrate on getting my historical moments on paper. I am not wasting a ton of time organizing and trying to remember what year this or that was taken. All that does is frustrates me and I just don’t get it done.
Here are the first two pages I did for the album (I also know that right now it is “the” album, but it could turn into “the” shelf. I got 23 years to scrap!)

This is a LO I did of my Grandpa Love (yes, his last name really was LOVE!). I discuss where he originally was from, where he met my Grandma, and the NJROTC dance I took him to (he fought in WW II).

This is my favorite picture of my Dad and I ever. It is not the best picture, but the memory behind it always leaves me warm and fuzzy. In the picture, in that moment, right when the camera snapped I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that my Dad loved me and was very pleased with me for something I gave him for Christmas. Oh, and of course I remember the gift! 🙂

Both of these men have since passed on to be with the Lord. I did not mention that on my pages because I have already done a memory album for my Dad. If it comes out in this album that is fine, but my point of this album is not to focus on the death and all the feelings I have for them surrounding that, but rather on their life. The events that shaped my childhood and the family I come from. Of course, their death will most likely be mentioned in the album, but that is not the main focus.
Thanks for looking and I will try to get better with taking photos of my LOs!

3 thoughts on “Starting A New Album

  1. First… I hope everything with your health is ok! You are in my prayers! I love the layouts and I like that you are keeping your album fun and stress free. I tried to scrap some old pages and tried to insert them in the correct “date” places in the album …. so not worth the hassle!Hugs!!!


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