BG Class LO

I am taking a class at my LSS that creates a two page LO using BG. There are 5 reasons that I signed up for the class.
1) I hate BG and want to learn how to use it and like it.
2) I get a lot of product for the cost.
3) I need to make more friends locally.
4) I love my LSS and want to support her so she does not close her doors.
5) I stink at making two page LOs and need help.

I really believe that in order to grow as an artist/scrapper I must challenge myself and all the above reasons do indeed do just that!
This is the LO we were suppose to create (sorry about the measurements written on it):

This is what I created. I was the only one who really went outside of the box and this is not really going outside of the box! LOL!

I made this flower with leftover Simple to do with a circle punch, folding, and ink.

Now, since I have a new found love of making my own flowers, don’t you think this would be easy to make? I mean BG charges like $5 for three of these flowers. I bet I could make them with pipe cleaners and left over brads for pennies! As soon as I find my kids’ pipe cleaners I am gonna try because they are darling!

7 thoughts on “BG Class LO

  1. Tara — I am not sure if I saw them for $4.95 or $3.95. They were part of my kit with the class. However, BG is one of the most expensive lines I have found.Kathy — thank you! I am not a fan either and I think the reason why I like it is because it does not look like the typical BG.


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