3 Layouts

When we were in San Diego I fell in love with these painted murals all over the streets there! So, I used a Prima Paintable and came up with this LO. I think it is hot…..

Why did I do a LO on a shoe? Well, because I LOVED this shoe! I wanted this shoe, but they were out of it in my size. I have looked all over for one just like it and I can’t find any. So, in memory of the shoe I did this LO! I know, I am crazy….truth of the matter is I had the PP an stuff that I wanted to use and the picture matched.

More painted murals. It was late when I got this one done and it really makes no sense.

5 thoughts on “3 Layouts

  1. i think the layout of the shoe is great. but i think you need to journal on the layout about how much you loved these shoes but couldnt get your size and all you were left with was a photo! that would make the layout perfect! because years from now, when you are losing your mind, people are going to be confused about why you have a layout of a shoe! hahaha. i think its great. and i also love the street art layout too!


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