Desperate for a Kit

I love kits! The problem is with the economy I have not been able to really afford them. Plus, I have just gotten….well…picky. I think I am scrappy snob or something because if I don’t like the entire kit than I don’t want to spend any money on it or if there is too much PP in it than I don’t want it either because that is the one thing I have too much of. There are are some great kits out there that I fall in love with every month — like Bad Girls! But, Bad Girls Kits are $129 a month….ummmm…that is just not happening for me. So today, I decided to spend $40 at the scrap booking store and create my own kit for myself. I wanted a technique because I am getting bored with what I know how to do. SO, I found bling templates! Now I can use those left over rhinestones and pearls to create cool designs with.

Here is what I got for $40 and now I appreciate so much why kits seem light these days — they are expensive! I really don’t feel like I got a lot, but I had fun mixing five paper lines together and I am not really sure if this matches to anyone else, but it matches for me so all is right in the world!

I then came home and dug through my stash. See, I can not in good conscious not try to use some of my stash. I really am resourceful and want to use it. Once I pulled everything from my stash (including CS, primas, flowers, a pocket of my child’s old jeans, buttons, ribbons, pearls, journal spots, and every thing else I can’t think of) I stood back and looked at all the pretties and imagined just what I would create with this lovely kit. So here is a picture of the final kit!

I then briefly thought I could actually start designing kits, but then I realized that people probably felt the same way I did and would not want to spend that much money on a kit. See, once the kit was complete it could retail for about $150 and that is just too much..what is even more sad is that this was not even a dent in my stash…

5 thoughts on “Desperate for a Kit

  1. That *IS* a pretty kit! Can't wait to see what you do with it.I had no idea Bad Girls was that much. Shocked.Maybe you just need to look in your stash and pick out maybe a group of BoBunny papers you like (or some other manufacturer) and then just google for the matching embellies.Oh and do you have any of those doodling templates we did in SG? They make great bling templates too.


  2. I ***heart*** Bad Girls too Betsie. I covet those kits, but have never had the guts to actually buy one. I suspect if I did I wouldn't use half the stuff anyway because it would just be too pretty to part with.Your kit looks great. Maybe you should start a OSU kit swap? A kit we all make from our stash – maybe not with a technique (maybe with one). I'd be in!


  3. I do remember those bling templates now from SG. Oh shot! That would have saved me $6! Thanks for the copliments. Joyce, I am gonna go through my stash and make my own kits I think. I did far better scrapping this way then I have for years. Kylie, I got three of Bad Girl Kits on sale and they were awesome! I actually did use a lot of the stuff, but they were no $129 worth of a kit either. LOL!


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