Woo-Hoo Christmas Album 08 DONE!

First, here is my album. I found two of these albums at Costco about a year ago. I was not planing on altering them, but I changed my mind….brown was not Christmas enough for me…..at least now it has the year on it! The first picture is what it was before I altered it and the second is the final product!

I did the following album with scraps — no joke — all scraps. I actually am pleased with them considering what I had to work with.

The following LO is one of my favorites because I was able to get the letters to Santa AND the pictures of the kids writing the letters, picture of them with their shoes, AND a description of the tradition on one 12 by 12 LO. I love the CTMH Flaps that allowed me to do this. Sorry for the glare on these, but in order to finish the LO I had to slip it in the page protector and add the flaps on that.

The last five pages of the book. I am really shocked that I got this album done! I have been working on it for about a month off and on. I really wanted to have this out complete on our coffee table and now it will be! Yay!

7 thoughts on “Woo-Hoo Christmas Album 08 DONE!

  1. love them. in “snow angels” you might want to carefully swap the e and the l because i know you arent talking about right, obtuse and isoceles angles.


  2. Have really enjoyed browsing yourblog this evening – Blogger brought me here. Love how you transformed the album and all your LOs are lovely. So, follow that for Christmas 09 then!!


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