LOADS 10 – 23!

Are you ready? I have a lot for you to look at! I have been trying to get 2009 all caught up and not carry over to next year, so even though I have not been posting I have been scrapping. Not all of these I love, but they are done. All of it is from my stash. I did not go out and buy anything. One of my goals is to burn through some of this stash because it is overwhelming.

CTMH Twitterpated line is what I used for this LO.

The next few LOs are done with CTMH Comfort of Home line. I actually almost did not get this paper back when it was first released. I like it now that I have used it — more so than Twitterpated and TP was what I thought I would love!

CTMH Twitterpated line. Once again, I don’t love it, but it is done. I am just not loving this line like I thought it would. I also suck with stickers and I got the coordinating stickers and used them.

Older CTMH line from the summer. Happy to say that I used up all of the PP! Yay!

This one is awfully cute! I used CTMH PP from this summer — the name is escaping me at the moment. I love the look on Parker’s face the most. I took a piece of sandpaper tp the CS first and then went from there.

SO, this is my very favorite one I have done! I was able to use up three leftover packages of thickers on it, CTMH pearl paint with reinker, a TON of Glimmer mist, two transparencies, three maya road tags, the last of the prima crystal swirls, and the pocket is actually cut off of the back of my son’s torn up jeans that I was gonna throw away. I was able to cut off both of his pockets and the denim legs for future use. I never thought to use old jeans like this, but I love love love the denim. I am so thankful I was able to use up some of my stash and I LOVE the outcome of it!The pictures are tiny because they were taken in secret so the kids would not see that they were being followed to school!

CTMH Twitterpatted line. What can I say? It is done. Not loving it, but it is done.

The Following two are the last two LOs I needed to finish up the Las Vegas album! I am not loving the Las Vegas one, but the M&M one is kind of cute. I like it much better in real life! 🙂

Aleta posted an ad challenge at OSU and this is what I did with it!

This is the one I came up with for the Sketch challenge Jen B posted at OSU!

Whew! So you made it through all of the posts huh? Thanks so much for stopping by and looking! 🙂

7 thoughts on “LOADS 10 – 23!

  1. Chickie – You've been busy!!!! 🙂 WTG! I LOVE the All by Urself LO!!! It was good to see your LO's with the Comfort of Home papers. I've been going back and forth on those!


  2. Wow!I am impressed! Love that m&m LO. And I also love the pocket one – way to recycle! The flowers steming from the pocket are really pretty.great job on “love them” it is so fresh and clean


  3. Wow!! Awesome work!! Great job on using up a lot of your stash – that's what I need to do!! Really cool concept and design with the jean pocket! Love that you secretly took photos of your kids!


  4. I love, love the one with the jeans pocket! So creative girl!!! I really like the ones you did with the Comfort of home PP. And the M&M one is too cute for words!Good for you on using your stash.


  5. Thanks ladies! I am really trying to widdle down the stash. I need the space more than the stash KWIM? I am starting to scrap to use up stash instead of keeping the memories and that is just wrong! LOL! The sad thing is, I have not even caused a dent in it yet 😦


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