LOs I Have Completed

Life has been so busy! I started teaching and I am starting to get a handle on my schedule. Here are some LOs I have completed the last month.
This is my favorite LO! I did this at the scrappy retreat. I had been hoarding this picture since June. It is my youngest looking out of a big tree that looked like a tent made of leaves. We had so much fun playing in it! This is by far my favorite picture I have ever taken. I used GM and the new GM shaped leaves.

Not the best LO I have ever done, but it is done! My Mom likes to play dress up…what else can I say?

This one I did with one of the past C2P kits! I really like how it turned out.

The following two LO’s are actually the same one. I am not a fan of two pagers, but I had to express and show the pictures together — ALL the pictures! I used a hidden journal technique on it. This is what the LO looks like before you flip the pictures (I placed the pictures in the new CTMH flip flaps).

Now, this is what it looks like when the flaps are flipped and you see another picture and journal. I am not a fan of two page LO’s, but I really love this one! I think it did what I wanted it to do.

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