Economical Recipe Album!

With today’s economy we are all trying to save! The last thing I need to spend my money on is eating out, even though I love to! No dirty kitchen no dirty dishes…ah…. Oh right! Anyways, not only are we trying to pinch those pennies I am also going back to school for my Masters, getting re certified to teach, and will start teaching in the fall if all goes to plan. I still have five mouths to feed every night and not only crunched on money, but time too. So, I came up with this recipe album for my family. All of the items I used are CTMH and if interested please contact me! Below you will find a few pages from it!

I first came up with what I cook often for my family and made up a list. I came up with 12 meals and broke them down into two week segments because we eat 6 meals in and one meal out every week. I shop once a week so I made up a list for each week. I placed it in the page protector because I can use a dry erase marker when I shop, cross item off, and then wipe clean for reuse when I get home. This saves me from having to write a list each week. I also left a spot empty for the additional items I will need as I shop.

Here is my meal for week one day one. It is chicken pot pie and I included the recipe for the crust. I labeled my pages according to days so it is easier to use. now instead of looking for a meal based on it’s title I just go to Day 1 week 1 and so on. Much easier for me. Now, had I needed anything else with the meal I would have included that as well!

Here is what the album looks like complete!

Finally here is a LO I completed with the Commit 2 Paper Feb. Kit!

Thanks for looking and leave me love! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Economical Recipe Album!

  1. Oh my goodness, you're so wonderfully organized! Who wouldn't want to cook when you have such a pretty recipe book to use – thanks for sharing it with us at H2H :o)


  2. WOW!! You are so organized! I've been trying to start meal planning, but maybe I need to scrap it first πŸ™‚ This is fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing it with us at H2H!


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