Christmas Gift for Lane!

I made this little book for my niece Lane for Christmas. It is done totally out of scraps and my stash! As she opens it up I left her spots to write. TFL!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Gift for Lane!

  1. Wow guys! Thanks so much! I completed these all in a week, so was not sure how they would turn out.Aleta — A-L-E-T-AIs this a hint? Now, you got my wheels turning. I owe you for the “Mojo” book that I drool over often! LOL!


  2. I am loving the gift for Lane! She will think that’s really special. She’s kinda a weird 11 year old, in that she loves things that people make for her. It’s something she’ll treasure forever.


  3. Petra — I would LOVE to make Julia a book like this! Let me see what I can come up with. It may take a little longer with the holidays, but I would be honored to make one for your sweet baby!


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