Alex’s Christmas Gift (HS Memory Album)

This is the Christmas Gift I made for my niece who is graduating high school this year. I personally can’t believe she is this old because I remember a little to clearly when I used to hold her as a baby! Take a look and leave a comment!

Introduction page to book. She can put a picture of herself and there is a journal spot as well.

This is a page about her favorite class. I had more than one favorite class in High school so I left her a few spots to write! She could even throw a picture on it too!

This one is for her favorite teacher.

Prom! She needs a picture of prom right?

Finally this is an area for either her first boyfriend, a boy she dated in high school, first love, or whatever about a boy. This page actually took me forever to make, but I really like it!

Pleas leave feedback! Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Alex’s Christmas Gift (HS Memory Album)

  1. Martha — I think you gave me the PP as a secret sister! I know you gave me the glitter stack from this same company and I loved it so much! I may have gotten it for myself around the same time you were my secret sister, but I thought you got it for me???Thanks for the compliments ladies. Alex, is into this kind of style (I think????).


  2. This is really awesome, Betsie! It will create a memory book that will last her a lifetime. I REALLY like the page for the boy.I already know a lot of what she will put in the pages. She’ll have fun filling it up. Thanks for doing this for her.


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