I Learned How to Sew on A Button! Who-Hoo!

Huge accomplishment in my scrapbook room today –I learned how to sew a button on a LO! I know, I know, I have been scrapping for ten years and I grew up in a home with a Mother who sew these elaborate ball gowns and my sister and my grandma all sew. I should know how to sew right? NOT! Well, today I put three buttons on a Layout and thought how cool it would look if I would actually use thread and sew them on! Could not figure out for the life of me how to get it in the hole through the back of the paper. I know what some of you are thinking about when I just posted about finding the hole, but that what this blog is about, so please get your minds out of the gutter? LOL! I just drug you to the sewer huh? Oh, so I digressed. Sorry, back to the hole (button holes that is! I discovered that if I took my poker (not that kind of poker, but the one we use in scrap booking that pokes things)and poked through the holes first and then flipped the paper over I could sew it perfectly! Now off to try this on shirts with lost buttons instead of just tossing them in a pile for my Mom to fix when she comes to visit!I know this is not that grand to most of you, but here is a picture of the buttons I did this afternoon!

Here is a picture of the Layout with the buttons on it.

Close up of the embellishments in the lower corner. Robin always inspires me on Scrapgoods with how she does her embellishments and placement of them! I used Metallic ink on the journal block’s backside. I also used metallic ink on the bird, but I did a darker ink on the back and a lighter on the front. I then glimmer misted the little dude and outlined him with metallic pens.

Lastly, a LO of you oldest son on the quad. Can you believe that this took two long hours to complete? I scratched up the black Card stock (that took forever) and then I used liquid glass on the small picture in the circle to make it look like a bubble. I also distressed the letters.

6 thoughts on “I Learned How to Sew on A Button! Who-Hoo!

  1. OH the cats were looking at me funny!!! The sewer, poker and hole thing just too funny! But great layouts. Did you use mesh? I love mesh, don’t see it much but still love it.


  2. Yes I used mesh! It is one of my very favorite things to use on a LO and you can hardly find it anymore. I am running low too! Regarding my lengthy explanations of things, well Charlie is gone almost all week and I am so desperatly needing conversation with adults!


  3. I didn’t tear my paper this time because I used liquid glass to attach them, poked holes through the button holes, flipped the paper over, and sewed them on. Joyce — I do still have your number. Hmmmmm…..I wonder how heated I will be after I watch these boobs debate for presidency this weekend. I may call you and we can rant together. Us Libertarians gotta vent!


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